Apar Transformer oil is made from selected severely hydro treated Naphthenic and Isodewaxed / hydrocracked Isoparaffinic. Oils free from polar compounds and have very high oxidation stability and ageing properties guaranteeing long service life. The low sulphur wax free naphthenic oils with low Viscosity Index ensure excellent cooling characteristics, high solvency and low corrosivity and the highly refined ultra low sulphur paraffinic oils ensure excellent non corrosive properties. These optimum refined Transformer Oils also possess very good electrical and insulating properties, oxidation stability and controlled low or negative gassing tendency. Extensive efforts are taken to up grade our oils to meet the latest more severe and stringent control requirements of non corrosive oils.
Oil which is used for transformer oil, breakers, porcelain pile, can be used for replacement or mix with other transformer oil.